About Us

We met in March of 2010 through our "little sister" Allie.  She had been telling us for months that we needed to meet.  In April we started hanging out, became friends on Facebook, started texting and talking.  On May 1 we had our first official date.  May 3 we decided to make it "official".  On May 12 Chad left for boot camp.  The next 2 months were filled with letters back and forth.  Cat wrote every day Chad, and Chad wrote as often as his responsibilities would let him.  After boot camp we would see each other about once every 2 months for a few days.  It was hard, but worth it.  In November Chad proposed at the Charleston airport after asking permission from Cat's parents.  There was one date in the following year in which both Chad and Cat's best friend Meghan, who is in vet school, could attend.  So on February 12, 2011 we were married in front of our family and friends.  Then, we each had to go back to our respective jobs until the school year ended and Cat finished her probationary period as a science teacher and was able to receive her full California credential before moving out to South Carolina to be with Chad.

South Carolina was an incredibly fun period in our marriage.  We felt very blessed to spend our first year together there.  We found a wonderful church, made some great friends, experienced some wonderful food, and the culture that is Charleston, South Carolina.  But eventually, as with all things Navy, that time in our lives came to a close and we moved to Silverdale, WA and our new assignment, Sub base North Kitsap Bangor.  Chad was assigned to the USS Nebraska and Cat started the process of finding a job in the area again.  Once again, we were blessed to find a church we love and make friends with some wonderful people.  And we're back on pacific time!  So communication with family and friends is much easier now.