Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our trip to CA

     So on the 25th of October I (Cat) flew to California to visit family before our sister Heather's wedding.  It was one of those crazy whirlwind trips, but worth it.  I left Charleston at 9am, after getting up before 5am to help Chad get ready for work and get him on his way.  After going through Detroit and Salt Lake City I landed in Fresno where my brother picked me up.  First thing on the agenda, In & Out.  You just can't get it here.  
     After saying hi to family out there, I was off to Merced for dinner with mom and dad.  I was thankful for the chance to hang out with some of my best friends and family, Becky, Ashley, Noni, Nono, & Jim, while I was there.  I wish I could have gotten to more people, but there just wasn't the time.  
     Once I got back to Fresno on Thursday morning there was a whole new group of people to catch up with, Leslie, Allie & Jayden, Bryan & Sean, Amanda, Aunt Ellen, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Rose & Henry.  I think I ate my way through my trip.  I had Mimi's Cafe for breakfast (pumpkin spice muffins), Wassabi for lunch, Pete's pizza for dinner.  Caught up at the Riverpark Starbucks.
     On Friday I was able to get into my tattoo artist in Tower District, Monet at Bound by Tradition, before I met up with Heather to start wedding stuff.  I love what she did :) I'll have to get a better picture up later.  But after the tattoo shop I was able to meet with Heather and some of the bridal party to get our nails done before the rehearsal.  
     Chad found out on Friday morning that he could leave at 6pm to fly to CA for the wedding. I picked him up at midnight from the airport to bring him back to my brother's place where we were staying while he was out of town.  (Side note, it was totally weird to stay at my brother's house which used to be my place which he has totally decorated differently, and stay on his pull-out couch, which used to be my couch ...) So what was the first thing Chad wanted?? In & Out :-) a 4x4 with animal style fries and a chocolate shake.
     Saturday of the wedding Chad and I went to hang out with Heather and Cindy (mom) while Heather was getting her hair done.  I stayed with Heather the rest of the day through makeup, getting out to Engleman Cellars to get dressed, and wait for the wedding to start.  Heather did a fantastic job with the decorations and the whole wedding was a ton of fun.  Heather and Wes looked so happy taking pictures, greeting everyone and dancing through the night.  Chad and I wish them the very best and pray that their marriage is everything that God intended it to be!
     So, it was a very long week.  Especially with flying back to Charleston in Sunday at 6:30am and not getting to our home until 7pm.  But it was all well worth it, and we'd do it again in a heartbeat :)

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